Contract - Company Policies - Terms and Conditions

Revision date: 20 Oct 2019

The contract includes the policies of Viajar Contigo, reservations, cancellations, which we mention below: Reservations:
    1. All reservations must be requested via e-mail to the reservations department: reservations@viajar-contigo.com, or via e-mails maurice.heuts@viajar-contigo.com or julissa.garay@viajar-contigo.com , which will be answered by the same way indicating the status and deadline for payment or reconfirmation of each of the reservations.
    2. All communication (reservation, modification, cancellation, confirmation, etc.) must have a written response to our agreement, otherwise it is not valid.
    3. Reservations are not endorsable.
    4. Customers must pay an advance of at least 60% (of the total amount and per person) at the time of booking when the time between reservation and the actual service(s) is longer than 3 months. When the time between reservation and actual service(s) is between 2 and 3 months, the payment of at least 80% of the total amount must been performed. When the customer makes the reservation less than 2 months before the actual service, the customer must pay immediately the total amount of the service(s).
    5. Payments for reservations and bookings are subject to additional costs: – Costs for each international bank transfer of USD 30,00 made to the bank account of Viajar Contigo (these costs are withdrawn by the bank of Viajar Contigo) must be payed by the customer. – Bank transfer costs that are imposed by the bank (costs for the money transfer itself) must be payed by the customer.
    6. All customers must attach a scanned copy of their valid DNI or passport in their communication via e-mail, where all their data can be clearly seen. The transmitted copy must be the same DNI or passport that will be used in the booked travel.
    7. When booking through the Internet and clicking on the Booking Policies – Terms and Conditions, this is considered an officially accepted contract.
Obligations imposed by the Peruvian government
    1. The customer of foreign nationality must guarantee a valid international passport for at least 6 months after the trip.
    1. The customer should take the necessary medical precautions, such as vaccinations, and start the trip in good health.
    2. Viajar Contigo is not responsible for any change in the flight schedule of airlines or train companies, but it can decide that a trip does not continue due to causes of force majeure such as war, blockade or natural disaster that could damage the outbound and inbound flight to Peru. In this case the amount of the trip will be reimbursed less the costs already incurred.
    3. Viajar Contigo always has passenger safety as a priority. If a part of the services covered by the contract can not be performed due to causes of force majeure such as strikes, blockages, natural disasters, Viajar Contigo will take all necessary measures to offer suitable alternatives in order to continue the trip. The additional costs that arise from it, are always to be payed by the customer.
    4. Only backpacks or small hand luggage are allowed when traveling on trains, boats, or visiting Islands. Your large luggage can be stored safely at the reception of your hotel. Additional costs that might arise from it, are always to be payed by the customer.
    5. The customer is fully responsible for their luggage and personal belongings, Viajar Contigo is not responsible in case of theft in transport, on the street or in the hotel, but Viajar Contigo can help you solve problems.
    6. Viajar Contigo is not responsible for possible accidents in transport or on the street or due to force majeure, such as strikes, blockages and natural disasters.
    7. All travelers must have good travel insurance with adequate coverage. Viajar Contigo can offer this insurance at competitive rates.
    8. The customer declares that he or she does not hold Viajar Contigo or employees of Viajar Contigo responsible for claims of damages for personal injuries, accidents or possible death in the case of risky sports such as mountain biking, trekking, buggies, rafting , paragliding among others. Viajar Contigo will not be responsible for any physical injuries that may occur or appear after the trip.
Cancelations and refunds
    1. The customer can cancel the contract in whole or in part at any time. If customer cancels the contract due to a circumstance attributable to it, it will compensate the damages suffered by Viajar Contigo as a result of the cancellation.
    2. If flights with Viajar Contigo are booked internationally or locally, either separately or in a package or group trip, no refund can be made from the moment the flights are cancelled and the digital flight tickets were issued. The airline may charge an additional fuel charge for departure, depending on the international oil price market.
    3. Inca Trail permits / bus tickets / train tickets / tickets to Machu Picchu and local flights are non-transferable and must always be payed 100% by the customer after cancellation.
    4. If refund can be made, bank transfer costs and additional commission that arise from it must be payed by the customer. The costs are imposed by the bank and vary per amount:
        1. Amount is less than USD 3000: bank transfer cost USD 26 + commission USD 45
        2. Amount is between USD 3001 and USD 5000: bank transfer cost = USD 30 + commission USD 45
        3. Amount is between USD 5001 and USD10000: bank transfer cost = USD 41 + commission USD 45
        4. Amount is between USD 10001 and USD 25000: bank transfer cost (0,25% (min USD 26/max USD 400)+USD 15 SWIFT) + commission USD 45
        5. Amount is more than USD 25000: bank transfer cost (0,13% (min USD 62,50/max USD 400)+USD 15 SWIFT) + commission USD 45
Arbitration clause
    1. Arbitration clause: The parties agree that any controversy, claim or inconvenience, related or derived from this contract or the service that Viajar Contigo the provider offers in the Market -including any question about its validity, compliance or termination, among others-, in The framework of a consumer relationship will be resolved in a definitive way by means of consumer arbitration, which is a fast and free process. The consumer / client must present their request for arbitration before the Board of Arbitration for Pilot Consumption of the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property – INDECOPI or send it to the email: arbitrajeconsumo@indecopi.gob.pe. The arbitration will be resolved by an Arbitral Tribunal, through an award, in accordance with the regulations and rules applicable to the matter. The award is final.
    1. All deposits must be confirmed as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to: reservations@viajar-contigo.com (or via e-mails maurice.heuts@viajar-contigo.com or julissa.garay@viajar-contigo.com) a copy of the voucher and / or proof of transfer.
    2. Charges and commissions for interplaza or international deposits must be payed by the customer.

Bank transfer

  • Bank Name: INTERBANK
  • Account Name: VIAJAR CONTIGO
  • Account No.: 0413001720375
  • Código de Cuenta Interbancario (CCI): 003-041-003001720375-10
  • Processing fee USD 30,00 (per transfer)
  • Transaction fee and/or costs depending by bank
    and must be payed by the customer

Secure online payment

    • Use online payment platform from VISANET
    • Payments are made in Soles (=PEN, national currency of Perú).
    • The average sales value of Peruvian banks (exchange rate USD – PEN) of the day will be used. (for actual rates click here)
    • Safe and secure payments
    • Pay with all Credit Card types
    • Total financial protection
  • Transaction fee and/or costs 5,50%

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