A World Famous Cuisine

Peruvian cuisine is quickly becoming world-famous. Traditional Peruvian staples such as maiz, potatoes, and rice have been combined with Spanish, Basque, and Asian food to evolve into a sophisticated genre. A cruise to Peru will most certainly feature some culinary luxuries.

Incredible ceviches and other fish dishes can be found along the coast. These dishes are usually combined with milk, chili pepper, or potatoes for a Peruvian distinction.

Tamales and humitas are common in other areas, as are a variety of potato-based dishes, usually served with soup. Delicious soups or stews accompany almost every Peruvian meal.

Adventurous travelers may want to try cuy, or roast guinea pig. Travelers in the Andes may also want to taste alpaca meat; these highland dishes are usually served with yucca, a tasty root vegetable common to the area.

Lima is home to cutting-edge culinary advances in fusion food, evolving traditional dishes, and international foods. Travelers should take advantage of one of the city’s many fantastic restaurants before moving on.