Our Story

  • “No hay segunda oportunidad para causar una primera impresión.
    Hay una primera oportunidad para causar una segunda impresión.”

We are Julissa and Maurice. We are a Peruvian-Dutch couple who met in 2006. Julissa comes from a Peruvian entrepreneurial family and lived in the capital of Perú, Lima. Maurice grew up in Maastricht and lived in Bergen op Zoom where he worked as a maintenance manager for one of the largest employers in the Netherlands. Maurice traveled to Perú that same year, where Julissa let him discover the true hospitable soul of Perú. Two years later in 2008, Julissa and Maurice were married in Lima. Afterwards they moved to Belgium and lived near Antwerp. At the time, Maurice still worked for the same employer in the Netherlands. Julissa has worked for a large international insurance company in Antwerp. Perú has had a special appeal for both of these years, due to the diverse indigenous cultures, the gastronomy, the flora and fauna and the hospitable people of the country. As a result, they founded the travel agency Viajar Contigo to share their passion for the unique country of Perú and their acquired travel experiences. Eventually Julissa and Maurice, after having lived happily and happily in Belgium for eleven years, decided to move permanently to Perú. Maurice eventually worked for more than 25 years for the same Dutch employer.

Do you want to travel authentically and discover the real Perú, but also do not miss anything and enjoy the benefits of organized travel? Then Viajar Contigo offers the middle way you are looking for. Follow the footsteps of Maurice.

Discover and experience more with Viajar Contigo = Travel ‘together’ with you. You enjoy the freedom of individual travel, but are guided in the background to travel around easily. So you do not lose time with practical things and you can fully discover thanks to the insider tips that Maurice and Julissa like to share with you.

  • Julissa Garay
    General Manager
  • julissa.garay@viajar-contigo.com
  • (Europe) +32 (0)478 11 22 17
  • (Perú) +51 989 001 657
  • WhatsApp: +51 989 001 657
  • Skype: live:julissa.viajar-contigo
  • Maurice Heuts
    Commercial Manager
  • maurice.heuts@viajar-contigo.com
  • (Europe) +32 (0)499 71 65 66
  • (Perú) +51 936 258 375
  • WhatsApp: +51 936 258 375
  • Skype: live:maurice.heuts_2
  • Las Camelias 735, oficina 502
  • San Isidro - Lima 27
  • Lima, Perú

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