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Moyobamba is the capital of the San Martín region in northern Peru. It’s known for thousands of orchid species, many viewable at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, which also has fruit trees and butterflies. A path winds up Morro de Calzada, a solitary bluff rising above the forest just west of the city. The thermal waters at Baños Termales de San Mateo south of the city are thought to have therapeutic qualities. 

Tarapoto is a city in the San Martín region of northern Peru, characterized by Amazonian cloud forest and abundant palm trees. It’s known for the many jungle waterfalls in its surrounding areas, including Ahuashiyacu, Huacamaíllo and Shapaja. Southeast of the city, the clear waters of Lindo Lake and the larger Sauce Lagoon (also called Blue Lagoon) are ringed by dense green forests teeming with birdlife.